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This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use and disclose information that you may provide to us via the Bioventus Web site. Please be sure to read this entire Privacy Policy before using, or submitting information, to this Web site. This Web site is intended for use by adults over the age of 18. This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 10, 2012 and may be amended from time to time.

Using the physician locator
Our Physician Locator form is located on many pages on the site. You may enter your name and zip code to receive a list of qualified physicians in your area. We do not store your zip code or make any attempt to identify our visitors who use the Physician Locator. If you choose to contact a physician on the list by phone or e-mail, Bioventus LCC will not have any record of your phone call or e-mail message to the physician.

The Bioventus Physician Locator is not a recommendation or endorsement of a physician nor is it a tool for verifying credentials, qualifications or the ability of any physician it contains. Omission of a physician from the Physician Locator does not mean disapproval. You assume full responsibility for choosing to consult with any physician in the Physician Locator. Bioventus is not responsible or liable to you for any action that you or anyone else takes or does not take due to reliance on information in the Physician Locator.

Ordering the resource guide and requesting additional product information
If you choose to request a resource guide or to request additional information about our products, we will require your name, mailing address, city, state, and zip/postal code. We use this contact information in order to deliver the information you request by mail. If we use a third party to deliver information you have requested of us, we will share your contact information with that third party for that purpose only and we will require the third party to keep your information confidential. If we use a third party to help us manage or administer our Web pages, that third party also may have access to information that you provide to us. We will not sell or otherwise disclose your contact information to any other party except as may be required or permitted by law.

In some cases, you may have the option to receive additional printed materials by mail from Bioventus. We will send those materials to you only if you have provided your mailing address and have checked a box requesting such materials.

E-mail contact
For confirmation purposes, we also may require your e-mail address. If you choose, you also may check a box to receive the information you request by e-mail and to receive occasional e-mails from Bioventus about our products. We will not send you any e-mail messages other than those confirming your information request unless you check the box giving us permission to do so. If we use a third party to deliver these e-mail messages, we will share your e-mail address with that third party for that purpose only and require that third party to keep your e-mail address confidential. We will not sell or otherwise disclose your e-mail address to any other party except as may be required or permitted by law.

Cookies and other Web tools
We do not automatically collect personal information when you visit our Web sites, but we may use cookies to facilitate your navigation of our Web sites. We may also use click stream analysis to capture and load clicks on our Web site into a data warehouse to help us analyze the use of our Web site by visitors.

More information
This site is owned by Bioventus. For information about the Web site generally, including our copyrights and trademarks and disclaimer of liability for your use of the Web site, view our Copyright & Disclaimer notice. If you have further questions about any of our Privacy Policy practices, please write to us at:

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