You may need medical treatment for your knee pain. But you can also make lifestyle changes that help manage your knee pain so it can be easier to live with.

See below for things you can do:

  • Lose weight. Every pound you lose takes 4 pounds of stress off your knee (4)
  • Exercise your knee. Keep your joints and muscles in shape to prevent and ease knee pain (7)
  • Eat healthy. Proper nutrition has been shown to help prevent knee pain. Make sure your diet includes foods high in vitamin C and other antioxidants (8)
  • Quit smoking. Arthritis drugs can be less effective for smokers (9)
  • Get a massage. Stimulation of blood flow can soothe knee pain (9)
  • Wear appropriate footwear. Comfortable shoes can help reduce stress on your joints (7)
  • Brace yourself. Certain devices (like braces or orthotic insoles) can help relieve pressure and stress on your joints (7)

For more tips, visit arthritis.org.

SUPARTZ FX is indicated for treatment of pain in osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy and simple analgesics, e.g., acetaminophen. You should not use SUPARTZ FX if you have infections or skin diseases at the injection site or allergies to poultry products. SUPARTZ FX is not approved for pregnant or nursing women, or children. Risks can include general knee pain, warmth and redness or pain at the injection site. Full prescribing information can be found here or by contacting customer service at